If you are an entrepreneur considering raising capital for the first time, you’re in for a massive challenge. Many investors are already experienced and diligent enough to know what types of businesses and business owners to invest in. If you or your startup don’t have what it takes to get funded, you might miss out on a great opportunity.

Smart investors know when and where to invest both time and money. As a startup founder, you need to align with their standards and values. A solid idea is not enough — you have to know how to make it profitable.

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“There are no processes. Basically, we tell ourselves that we’re building an AI robot, yet not one person in the company has done anything to look into the relevant certifications and safety regulations that would allow it for personal use. Why would they? The CEO doesn’t see it as a priority. ”

Zack, the CTO and project lead of this seemingly exciting tech start-up (let’s call it ABC Inc.), is shaking his head dejectedly.

Even on the grainy Zoom screen, I could see tiny lines creasing deeper between his brows as he frowns in genuine concern.

“Honestly, I don’t know…

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It is way past midnight (the joys of working with international companies while based in Australia …).

I am sitting in front of my laptop, my Zoom meeting active with 8 icons of faces — some new, some familiar — and a Powerpoint slide centered on the screen.

One of those screen faces is mouthing somewhat incomprehensible words as I struggle to follow his pitch, while my eyes scan the slides for clues to shed some light on his ramblings.

I have seen this deck before. It is what sparked our initial interest to agree to meet with this company…

Investor’s Insight: Stop Pitching About Your Product

Courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio

Last year at an investment forum in Dubai, I had the ‘privilege’ to sit in front of a project owner who was vehemently pitching his tech product to my business partner and myself.

As I sat there observing this founder and his next-in-command, who was a milder and more pleasant character, rather than listening to what he was pitching us I found myself wondering; Why is he so angry?

He was presenting his pitch in a manner that gave us the impression he was frustrated because no one understands him or buys into…

Marene Ter

Private Equity & Impact Investments | Founder & Managing Director, Trinitas Investments | www.trinitas.investments

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